Erasmus+ GREAT

General description

The GREAT project focuses on learning, teaching and using new technologies and being adequate about using digital competencies. Technology is playing a critical role in how curricula are being developed and implemented. This is reflected in a huge movement in many countries to create STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curricula to prepare students for lifelong learning and for the demands of the future.

Through this project, students who have difficulties to learn abstract science concepts (such as soil moisture) will be familiar with the contents of new technologies thanks to coding and robotics. Students will have a better understanding and will have the ability to think in three dimensions.

Expected project results include the development of training courses. These include the recording of project activities:

  • a series of interactive lessons to provide teachers with examples and ideas on how to integrate robotics into their classroom activities;
  • e-learning modules;
  • workshops and seminars of best practices and classroom activities. We will analyse the different ways of teaching and learning coding at all schools involved in the project;
  • CLIL workshops for teachers.

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